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Meet Rachael
When loved ones pass, a piece of our soul is taken, and we are then left to discover a new piece we never knew
existed.  My hope for my clients is that they look to spirit for guidance, not only in the dark hours, but in the
lightest and brightest as well.  If you open yourself up to spirit, opportunities to discover peace and calm expand
tenfold. The special moments connecting with spirit can give you strength, hope and a desire to work towards a
more positive, peaceful state of mind.

Being a working Medium is a result of years of honing skills, a lot of trial and error and embracing every single
spiritual experience as a lesson.  I feel every reading I do is a personal blessing and a special connection that I am
very grateful for.

Stay Connected,
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For the past 20 years, I have been able to see (clairvoyance), hear
(clairaudience), and sense the presence and thoughts (clairsentience) of
spirit. For many years, I kept these experiences to myself.  Even at a
young age, I was never scared but was inspired and relied on spirit for a
sense of purpose and peace in my life.  Spirit gave me many taps on the
shoulders in the form of empathy and premonitions encouraging me to,
“Come out with it already!”  These wake up calls paved the way for me
to discover my current
path…sharing with others in the form of personal

I feel we all have psychic gifts tucked away somewhere deep inside.  We
all start out this way. I see it in the amazing intuitiveness of my kids and
the developing awareness in my husband and friends. As adults, our
experiences force us to rediscover our inner spirit. Many times, the
catalyst is a painful loss or ordeal. These experiences leave us asking
bigger, deeper questions than we ever imagined.  
Rachael is an amazing
medium. She has made
me feel reconnected to my
dad in a way that I hadn't
felt in many years.

Jenn, Illinois