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Private Readings
To schedule, please email or call (954) 675-7251

All readings are on the telephone and are 1 hour in length. There is absolutely no difference in what information
comes through on the telephone or in person. Spirits have important messages to deliver, and they certainly do not
care how you get it.

If you prefer not to use PayPal, please contact Rachael for other payment options.

You may be feeling anxious, scared or excited.  Prior to your reading, open yourself up with meditation, reflection or
whatever it is you do to calm yourself and feel entered.  Make sure you have paper and a pen to write down
information during the reading.  Be assured, that although a reading can be intense and highly emotional, it also guides you to a calm, peaceful place and brings about a newfound awareness.

The Reading
Expect specific information from family, friends and guides.  You may be focused on one person whom you want to
come through.  Please know that whomever comes through is bringing significant information that is essential for
you now. Try not to focus on one person or one message, but open your mind and soul to receiving and embracing
what spirit brings you and feels is necessary for you right now.  

Give yourself time to process. A reading is an emotional, private and spiritual experience.  Reconnecting with loved
ones brings us hope and peace, but it also opens the doors to the layers of pain and loss.  Receiving information from
our mothers, fathers, grandparents, children and friends that have passed is a huge spiritual leap.  Understand, it can
take some time to come to terms with this experience. After your reading, you need to do what feels best and is most
comforting for you.  You may immediately feel compelled to share your experience, or you also may want to spend
the next few days in reflection.  It’s whatever feels right for you. Make sure you let the details unravel.   Many times
in readings, there is information that has not occurred yet.  Keep an active awareness following your reading, and
remember your messages have lessons.
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Rachael is an amazing
medium. She has made
me feel reconnected to my
dad in a way that I hadn't
felt in many years.

Jenn, Illinois