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Ever since a family member passed and then began communicating with me, I have been
on a journey to discover my own psychic gifts.  I was looking for direction and comfort,
and Rachael provided both.  She helped me not only understand these gifts but gave me
techniques for improving them.

Hazel, Tennessee

Rachael has an amazing ability to know and predict things about people without previous
knowledge.  I have had a phone reading and one in person and what she tells you is
accurate and very informative. If you need help with unresolved issues, Rachael is the
person to see.

Chris, Illinois

There were circumstances surrounding my boyfriend's death that only family and the
police knew.  This information came through in a reading I had with Rachael.  It was
overwhelming to hear this information and get a confirmation that my boyfriend was
present.  Rachael encouraged me to give myself permission to heal.

G, North Carolina

When we walk through our journey of "life" it is often complex and difficult to interpret.
Are the roadblocks there to make us push harder or to change directions? Rachael has
given me insight and guidance without an ounce of judgement given what she may be
feeling. Vague situations have then come full circle with clear confirmation.  She is a
talented and gifted individual.

W, New Jersey
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Rachael is an amazing
medium. She has made
me feel reconnected to my
dad in a way that I hadn't
felt in many years.

Jenn, Illinois