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My high point of my reading with Rachael was learning that my Dad was still keeping an
eye on me. He sent his love & kisses from his eternal resting place. I also learned our
dear family pet, Westie, was by his side.  The reading helped me feel safe, guarded and
loved. I feel it has helped quiet those strong anxieties we all struggle with. Thank you
Rachael, I so appreciate you as an individual and your very special gift.  

Sue, Ohio

I had such a spiritual and emotional experience speaking with Rachael.  Her connection
with loved ones that have passed on was incredible.  She gave me hope that my Dad is
still able to watch over us.  Rachael has an unique gift of helping people connect with
their lost love ones."

Courtney, Illinois

" Talking with Rachael was an amazing experience for me.  I have always been a
spiritual person, but being able to communicate with my deceased loved ones was so
powerful and so relieving.  Rachael communicated things to me that were so specific that
it gave me goose bumps, and I knew right away who was trying to communicate with me.  
To know that they are still here with me everyday in spirit and that they are okay give me
a newfound strength.  I feel that I have my own personal guardian angels that are looking
out for me."

Valerie, Iowa
Rachael is an amazing
medium. She has made
me feel reconnected to my
dad in a way that I hadn't
felt in many years.

Jenn, Illinois